arty nights. delicious events .


"The hen in love" Eat-art. Series of "delicious sculptures".

DUO. In collaboration with the pastry chef Gilles Marchal. "La maison rouge". Paris 2007.

"Affectisimo." Eat-art. Series of "delicious sculptures".

Festive event. Three trees -sculptures generous carriers of caramels, chocolates, sablés. Presented by four costumed characters.

DUO. In collaboration with the pastry chef Marchal. "Hôtel Le Bristol". Paris 2007.

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Arty nights.

"Heavent Fair." Eat-art. Series of "delicious sculptures".

Caramel, chocolate and light combined. Constructivist sculpture. L:1.80m. P:0.80m. H:0.50m

DUO with Gilles Marchal, Pastry Chef at the "Hôtel Le Bristol". Paris 2007.

"Sweet city" DUO for a delicious luminous sculpture with the chocolatier Nicolas Cloiseau.

A city décor in a "luminous setting". Constructivist sculpture in dark chocolate and white chocolate.   

L:1.80m. P:0.80m. H:0.50m. Paris 2008.

The spring of the museums. Eat-art. Series of "delicious sculptures. Festive event.  generous edible sculptures in chocolate, sugar, light, they are offered to the greediness of the guests, in a luminous decoration.

The arty party.

Light and sound installations, Eat-art sculptures.

"Gil", Brussels 2010.

"Flore", Aix en Provence 2011.

"Coline" Brussels 2010.

"Mondrian-Aline" Paris 2011.

FIAC. «In every sense».

Dinner «migrations».

Echo «time and counter-time».

FIAC, 2000. "In every sense", Creation of a sensory event: fragrance-taste-sound, for the Bernard Jordan gallery, with the Hôtel Le Bristol in Paris. A generous sculpture (comprising 28 toasters), accompanied by 5 emissaries, these costumed characters distribute 1000 chunks of hot bread. Paris 2000.

Arty dinner "Migrations" Eat-art. Festive event. Delicious carving 110 chocolate feathers, 110 caramel feathers mounted on a 150cm wing. by 70cm. by 70cm. Sound and light installation. slide show 190 photos. Paris 2003.

Arty evening "Echo ILM". Eat-art" delicious sculptures. Light installation, costumes, concert. Saint-Germain-en-Laye 2000