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They are not landscapes in particular but sensations of landscapes, perceptions, fragments of nature. More than representations, they are expressions of indeterminate landscapes. 

I explore the pictorial content of my memory, Renaissance figures, paintings of all times.

I translate it into the aesthetic language of my time and interpret it through contemporary techniques.  

That's how my images are born.

Like these resurgent islands of the North Atlantic, memories of details emerge from my memory and inspire new angles of view. Thus yesterday's works fertilize my creation today.

In this work, I advance and accompany the evolution of nature, I capture fleeting images of its movement. I play with time, I try to touch it, to shake it between my hands.

I continue my research, with the awareness of belonging to a story.



Bxl-Paris Fugaces

The sky. pm.

"Crossings" 2005 and 2006”.

This series of photos and DVDs is the concrete memory of nine journeys across Europe, taking heaven and time as partners.   These crossings of Europe were conceived in a pictorial approach, with the will to seize and reveal the identity of a place, its characteristics and its flavour.

Photography is used to serve these "images - paintings" and their intrinsic memory of art history; it is not taken for its narrative possibilities and transcription of reality. Here the photo presents a subjective reality carried by digital techniques.

Yesterday's works and today's images tell us the same wonder at the beauty of nature.

The sky in Europe from sunrise to sunset.

Pictorial approach.

Photos-paintings. Flowers PortraitsIntimate exploration in the heart of matter, figuration - abstraction.

This series of 14 active albums, which began with the Solstice 2014 album, develops each month throughout 2015, in a Work in Progress approach.

These are digital photo-paintings. They offer you a walk in nature interpreted by art.

Carried away by the magnificence of the imposing and intimate nature, poetic and subtle, I would like by my work to pay homage to him. These works echo these variations in a desire to exalt her beauty and reveal the positive charge of this encounter.

Photos - paintings are composite works between painting and photography; at the beginning, there is the creation of the elements and the staging they precede the capture and are concretized by their transformation in the digital.

Light, subtle and revealing, is at the heart of this creation. The search for beauty and harmony, and a state of mind sensitive to the joyful aesthetic often inhabit my works.


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