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Sculptures « sur la terre, sur l’eau »


These sculptures float and appear to drift on still or flowing bodies of water. At dusk their colours turn, they become more intensely luminous when the night becomes deep. When they border or rub shoulders with architecture, these floating sculpture-paintings restore the reflection of the surroundings on the water.

Relative monumentality so much nature is ample, festive presence, ephemeral, homage to a place.


To respond to a given space, these luminous Installations combine the transparencies of glass, water and synthetic materials with natural or artificial light. Photography and video play an important part in these constructions.

These "variable" sculptures, respond to a moment, a place, and are the fruit of ephemeral occasional combinations.

Interpenetrating external elements in the layout of a garden. Configuration of the work in a harmonious way with the spirit of the place, the seasons, the duration.



"A dream garden." Installation of 1,100 flowers-sculpture for a festive event. Land art. Villeperdue. France, April 2012.

The flowers are very light, translucent, transparent and colored, with reflections; aerial, they are sensitive and quivering with the movement of the air. -

«Flotart» on the Seine

dream gardens